Assalamualaikum wbt.

Website ini dibuat oleh budak Warwick untuk budak Warwick.

Jadi kami perlukan anda semua yang ada kaitan dengan Warwick University ini,samada anda pelajar Warwick ataupun bekas pelajar Warwick ataupun akan menjadi pelajar Warwick ataupun ayah anda belajar di Warwick malah jika anda bermimpi yang anda akan belajar di Warwick sekalipun; anda semua tetap dialu-alukan di sini.

Jadi, apa tunggu lagi. Jom join!

I.LUV.WARWICK wants YOU to be part of US!

A new term has just begun and I.Luv.Warwick wants you to make the most of it! I.Luv.Warwick wants to recruit crews! So if you think you are capable of handling some interesting tasks and want the community to enjoy a great experience in Warwick, then please fill out this form!

I.Luv.Warwick is offering you to be the crew members of these teams:

– reviews : articles on books, theaters, travels
– news : events reporter, other articles
– media : photographer, videographer, updating content (blog, YG, FB)
education / event : managing brotherhood and sisterhood circle, various events, online talk, serious articles etc.

So wait no more! Because ‘I.Luv.Warwick!’

CLICK HERE <– registration form

3 thoughts on “JOIN US!

    • wah, bagus bagus…

      dengar cerita semua 52 orang dah lepas..

      tapi saya dah tak ada kat warwick nanti, dah grad dah. hehehe

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