Maulidur Rasul Special (MaRS) 2013

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

How is it going everyone? Enjoy the flurries and the snowball fight yet? Well, there’s more to celebrate. This coming week is the week of our beloved Prophet’s birthday. Sollu ‘alan nabiy. In commemoration to this auspicious event, Iluvwarwick would humbly invite all of you to join in the celebration of the birth of the greatest, most respectable man ever known to mankind.

Below are the list of activities lined up for the entire week (yes, a fun-filled, beneficial activities from Monday till Friday!!)

Sollu 'alan nabiy

Maulidur Rasul Special

Specification for each activities:

SNK – Surah and Kultum (7 minute Kulliyah)

Date: 21 January 2013

Time: 9.00 pm

Medium: Iluvwarwick paltalk

Surah: al-An’am 91 – 131

Kultum: Brother Saiful Azmi

KUMAR – Kuiz Maulidur Rasul

This fact based quiz will be held from Monday till Thursday. Further details about this will be posted later, on a different entry.

UBDSK MaRS – Usrah Beramai-ramai Dan Sedikit Kenduri Maulidur Rasul Special

Date: 25 January 2013

Time: 6.45 pm – 9.00 pm

Place: TBA

Speaker: Brother Johari

Tentative: TBA

Satu Hari Satu Kisah

Throughout this week, interesting entries related to the life of Prophet Muhammad, his easy-to-do sunnahs, the relevance behind this celebration and others will be posted on Iluvwarwick’s Facebook group and on this blog. Those entries. We will be enjoying videos, articles and beautiful info graphics narrating our admiration to the final Prophet, Nabi Muhammad (peace be upon him).

MaWar – Morning @ Warwick

Date: 25 January 2013

Time: 7.30 am

Medium: Iluvwarwick ustream

Speaker: Aizuddin Abd Hamid, a member of the ODC nasheed band, Maths 2nd Year, Lancaster University.

With all this line up, we hope that all of us would rejoice the birth of our beloved Prophet, Muhammad sallahu ‘alaihi wassalam. And hopefully it would be a start for all of us to engraved his teachings throughout our life as well.

Sollu ‘alan nabiy.

Iluvwarwick team


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