[WFF!] Q+A:Healthcare

Salam and Hello 🙂

 Q: Do we need to get any sort of vaccination here first in Malaysia before registering there (I thought I saw something about Meningitis Vaccination in the University’s websites).

A: Nope. You can get all those vaccinations once you have arrived. Don’t worry about it. I, myself didn’t take any vaccinations but took it once I arrived (through appointments and all).


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Q: Are they free?

A:Yes, they’re totally free. But please ensure to register yourselves with NHS (National Health Service) during fresher’s week.

Q: Do I really need to buy health insuranc
e since the cost of medicine or health treatment in the UK is expensive? Is there any special discount for student?

A: If I’m not mistaken, that is valid only in the US, not the UK. In the UK, you just have to come and register and insyaAllah everything will be free.
link: http://www.avert. org/freenhs. htm


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