[WWF!] Q+A:Electrical Appliances

Assalamualaikum wth. Hey. This is the first entry, that will answer all your doubts!
Happy reading, and packing!

1) Laptop

Q: Which is much cheaper? To buy laptop in Malaysia or UK?

A: The laptop price is very much cheaper compared to the UK. Especially in Lowyat which you can bargain, but you must ensure to have the warranty. But since the GBP currency drops (GBP1 = RM4.90), there is no much difference, so you’ve got choice.

The only difference between here and there lappy is that the UK version uses the UK Keyboard while Malaysia version is US. Mind that there will be slight differences, and we are used to the English US one.

Q: I’m still wondering, even if the prices of laptop is quite the same here and in the UK, should we really buy a new laptop due to reasons such as the laptop that we have here are so outdated, not stylish or the differences in the features?

A: It’s your money, it’s your choice. For me, if your current laptop is still well-functioning, you’d better save your money for other purposes (e.g: house rental, &DSLR :P).

Q: Can the laptop that we bought in Malaysia detect the wifi signal there (My friend studying abroad said that sometime our laptop can’t detect the wifi signal in other countries?)

A: I’ve never heard about that.

**Harga laptop adalah daripada GBP200 (ni yg kecik, ASUS PC) sehingga GBP2,000 (apple Mac).

**Harga bagi MS Vista Home Premium di Amazon ialah GBP60. Kalau beli melalui Univ, dapat lebih murah. Sila rujuk IT service. (adobe photoshop berharga GBP200++ kalau beli thru uni)

Q: Do I have to bring my own network cable?

A: Most of the internet facilities in rooms need you to have your own internet cable (in which the wireless network couldn’t reach your room). So, all you need to prepare is a Network Cable (or some call it as Data Cable – the one which looks like telephone cable, but bigger in size). In the UK, 20 meters Network Cable could costs you for about GBP3.  It’s quite affordable to get it from e-bay, but if you want to use it as soon as you arrive, you’d better have it from Malaysia.

2) Handphone

Q: Can I use Malaysia type of mobile phone in the UK?

A: Yes, of course! You don’t need to get the new one. And once you’ve arrived here, you may get the more superb and up-to-date one just by clicking on the e-bay.


A: One more important point is, you could get free phones through SIM contracts. However, technically they’re not free at all (since nobody wants to lose).  E.g.:  You have to pay monthly and let’s say you’ll receive 400 minutes talking time and 500 texts.  They’re all depending on the contracts.

3) Printer

Q: Is it necessary for us to bring our own printers? Are printers there expensive /affordable (including the ink cartridges)? If we have to bring our own, how can we bring them?)

A: Printers here are very affordable (provided you don’t convert the price). You can find a good bargain on ebay or amazon or perhaps just from carboot sales!

You don’t need to bring prnters all the way from Malaysia, save the space for other important stuffs.

Ink cartridge is quite pricy but still could be easily get from amazon or ebay. After all, you don’t know yet what printer you’re gonna use here, unless you have decided so.

4) Others

Q: Is our electrical appliances that we bought in Malaysia can be used there (I’m afraid of the differences in the electric volt or something or maybe the plug is different)?

A: Yes, of course it can be used here! Remember, who follows who? Malaysia is a commonwealth country. Everything is very similar here and there. Even the plug head is of the same type. 😛 Unless, if you travel to France etc, all you need to have is an adapter  plug because theirs  is different.

Any queries, just throw them into the wall guys! =D


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