[WWF!] Q+A:Clothing

Q: Please offer some advice on what types of clothing we should get and the weather over there.

A: About clothe, we strongly oppose the idea of buying them in Malaysia because we tend to have a wrong idea about winter clothing before we arrive in the UK. To be honest, those winter jackets sold in Malaysia are more suitable if you go to places with lots of snow and ice. After being here for 2 years (the writer claimed so – unedited version), I can see that people don’t wear what they brought from Malaysia. The first jacket that seniors want to throw away is always the one that they brought from Malaysia (e.g. Universal Travellers). Why? Because it’s out of fashion! Not trendy! So seriously, don’t buy the jacket from Malaysia. When you first came, just bring a sweater or two. For example, normal sweater that we wear when we go to Cameron Highland.

Universal Traveller

a simple one to bring

Please bear in mind, the winter in the UK nowadays are extremely cold. (last year) About -1 or -2. (due to the global warming perhaps.). But overall, the temperature in the UK is not as low as in other parts of the world (e.,g. Russia, US etc. plus, it is VERY WINDY. So you will need good autumn or winter clothing. But again, please don’t buy them in Malaysia. JUST DON’T. You’ll regret about the price. Trust me! When you arrive here, it will be cold but not yet snowing. So, be moderate guys!


a no-no jacket

a yes-yes, but to buy it there

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