[WWF!] Coming Here: The Preparations

September is approaching and with it the freshers frenzy! To aid the freshers who (assumingly) have started their preparation for coming, here is a compilation of webposts and documents to help your preparation run smooth:

1. IluvIslam Student Survival Guide (small ISSUE): A booklet kindly compiled by the IluvIslam team, compiling almost too much information for those coming to the UK/Eire :). What to pack, what NOT to pack, details about banks, transports, university contacts and plenty more, all in this compact issue. Download it here: SSG

2. Warwick Accommodation in iluvwarwick.wordpress: As you will be informed of your accommodation this September, do have a look at our accommodation posts (in case you haven’t) for last minute tips from the seniors: Accommodation in Warwick

3. Past articles: Here are some past articles in this blog. We’re saving you the need to scourge for the handy tips:

Luggage Content

Things Not To Carry

4. From all around the web: Here are also some blog posts the lovely seniors had kindly written; from their own experience in preparing for coming here. With due permissions, we managed to link some (and hopefully more later) here:

Milo: HSBC banking and money tips

Chip: Well, almost everything, the recent posts are very-very informative.

If you have questions regarding coming here, or if you have any post request, drop us a comment! And if anyone has links to cool posts for sharing here, drop us a comment too!

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3 thoughts on “[WWF!] Coming Here: The Preparations

  1. salam alayk~

    Waah.. Sangat membantu.

    but.. HSBC di Warwick University dah tutup T_T. Dah ganti dengan bank lain which I couldn’t remember the name.

    InsyaAllah.. ada sahaja HSBC di coventry dan untuk keluarkan duit melalui cash machine/point (orang UK x panggil ATM), tiada masalah as jika cash point tersebut kepunyaan bank, insyaAllah tiada transaction fee.

    Bagus juga if buka HSBC di Malaysia as boleh linkkan dengan account HSBC di UK(if i’m not mistaken). Cuma, perlu buka dahulu di Malaysia. ^_^ Which is really handy bila balik summer.

    I’m a HSBC Amanah user.. Alhamdulillah.. setakat ni x ada masalah dengan HSBC and customer services dia pun efficient.

  2. yes yes.post on HSBC tu dah outdated. sorry. hehe

    anyways, I don’t know anyone using Natwest in Warwick Uni but I read somewhere that Natwest is having a promo of FREE 5 years of Railcard.

    That could save few hundred quids! =D
    I’ll check more on it later.

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