[BOOK REVIEW!] Teachers as Cultural Workers

Assalamualaikum, and Hello! Good news, readers!! This is a new add-on to iLuvWarwick, – BOOK REVIEW.

We would like offer all Warwickians out there who love to read to share their readings here so that people will think they’re cool..opss.. so that other people can gain something from it.

So now, we would like to present you our first entry for this new page. Check this out! 🙂


Assalamualaikum and salam satu ummah!! looking forward to buy this book!!!

even though…(the truth is…)

I (quite) fancy books but not readings!

In “Teachers as Cultural Workers”, Freire speaks directly to teachers about the lessons learned from a lifetime of experience as an educator and social theorist. Freires’ words challenge all who teach to reflect critically on the meaning of the act of teaching as well as the meaning of learning. He shows why a teachers success depends on a permanent commitment to learning and training, as part of an ongoing appraisal of classroom practice. By opening themselves to the recognition of the different roads students take in order to learn, teachers will become involved in a continual reconstruction of their own paths of curiosity, opening the doors to habits of learning that will benefit everyone in the classroom. In essays new to this edition, well-known and respected educators Peter McLaren, Joe Kincheloe, and Shirley Steinberg add their reflections on the relevance of Freires work to the study and practice of education across the globe.

2. Guardianbookshop.uk = GBP 13.99 (FREE DELIVERY)
3. Amazon.uk = $ 5.57 + $ 3.99 (SHIPPING)
4. Book Depository = GBP 11.76 (FREE DELIVERY)

Therefore, I opt for number 3 cause it is affordable!

Talking about reading, again, I prefer referring back to Sirah Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. The story of Prophet Muhammad’s first encounter with Angel Gabriel reads as follows: One day while meditating in the cave of hira in the hills overlooking the city of Medina, he heard a voice call out Iqra (read). Shocked, surprised, unaware of where the voice came from he replied “I cannot read”. He then felt a tight hug, then the voice again said Iqra. Again, he replied, “I cannot read” – after all, in that period of time very few could read and write, with knowledge be passed in the verbal tradition. The same happened again, after which Angel Gabriel said:

“Read, in the name of the God who created. Created man, out of a mere clot of congealed blood. Read and your Lord is Most Honorable. Who taught man to write with the pen. Taught man that which he knew not.”

This important message, of education, of learning was pushed throughout the Muslim world, so much so that S.P. Scott, speaking of the Muslims (Moors) of Islamic Spain wrote:

“At a time when even (Christian) kings could not read or write, a Moorish king had a private library of six hundred thousand books. At a time when ninety-nine percent of the Christian people were wholly illiterate, the Moorish city of Cordova had eight hundred public schools, and there was not a village within the limits of the empire where the blessings of education could not be enjoyed by the children of the most indigent peasant, …and it was difficult to encounter even a Moorish peasant who could not read and write.”

Really interesting, isnt it? so, i need to force myself to read!!! Because through reading, you will conquer the world!

Written by,
Farahin Ismail,
1st year B. Ed TESL

stolen from: http://iluvgreenish.blogspot.com/


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