Setelah setahun, datang kembali!! 😀

Bawah adalah pesanan MSA kepada semua


It’s time for Warwick MSA to elect a new committee for the following academic year!

Date: Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Time: 18:30 – 22:30

Location: H0.51

Nominations are open as of Monday, 19th April 2010 and will close Tuesday, 27th April 2010 at 5pm. Only members of MSA (i.e. registered through the University of Warwick Students’ Union and paid 3 pounds) may accept nominations and run for elections.

The available positions and allocated time for speeches are as follows:
1 President – 4 mins
1 Vice President – 4 mins
1 Secretary – 3 mins
1 Treasurer – 3 mins
1 Cultural Officer – 2.5 mins
1 Sports Officer – 2.5 mins

All nominations must be forwarded to warwickmsaelections2010@googlemail.com in the following format:
(a) the name of the nominee
(b) the position he/she is running for
(c) his/her email address
This applies regardless of whether you are nominating yourself or another person.

All candidates can produce a short, one-page OPTIONAL manifesto. You can either submit your manifesto to us at warwickmsaelections2010@googlemail.com so we can print it out and distribute it for you, or present it yourself using the projector during your speech. If you wish to submit it to us for printing please do so by 12 NOON on the day of the AGM (28 April 2010) so we have time to print it out.

For full details please refer to the documents attached to your emails. Ignorance is not an excuse! 🙂
All the best and see you there!



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