[WWF!] Things not to carry

Salam wbt.

I found the previous article has become too long, so I am putting this into another entry.

These are things that I personally forbid the freshers from bringing:

1. Wintercoat

  • Please, we have enough of unused Winter Travellers jacket in pile.
  • Usually, people will just think that it is cold in the UK so they need a wintercoat and they buy one in Malaysia that costs RM200 and bring it to the UK and find that it is just out of fashion and go find new ones in the UK and later, appear very kind to the juniors by giving them the very wintercoat they bought a year ago in Malaysia. And the cycle will continue, and after 5 years, the wintercoat has only been worn 5 times only.
  • This may be too much an exaggeration, but I am serious on the message. Unless you or your family have been here, do not buy your winter clothing in Malaysia. What we have in Malaysia are more suitable for snow-ridden places like Alaska and Russia.
  • A regular sweater like what we normally wear during early morning or inside an air-conditioned room will save you from the chillness and allow you to do the shopping for Winter.
  • So do not waste the weight and space allowance of your luggage with bulky jackets. Trust me. Do not do what I did for what I did is not supposed to be done. :-p

Ok, my mind is blocked. Suggestions are very welcomed.




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