Some of you who might have got a place on campus, congratulations! Your first-year life has just been made easier!

But, some of you may get what you don’t desire. The hall that appear on the top of the Most Undesirable list apparently is Westwood.

Yes, Westwood is old and shaky.
Yes, Westwood is cheap and cold.
Yes, Westwood is very far, especially to those Biological Sciences students.

But hey, you still live on campus! So, the other options such as living off campus are far worse than living in Westwood, in term of distance and convenience. To make things worse, you are to live in a house which you have never viewed and never known about the location.

So be patient. Just accept the on campus accommodation offer. Give it a try. But if you hate Westwood so much, you can still apply for a swap change later. Let me give a brief explanation about changing your hall of accommodation.

Basically, there are 2 methods that you can choose from.
1. Applying through Warwick Accommodation
2. Voluntary swap

1. Applying through Warwick Accommodation
After the first term, they will open application to transfer halls of residence. But you will not be guaranteed that you will get any hall of your choice, nor that it will happen. It depends solely on availability and demand.

For example, if there happen to be a guy looking to transfer exactly to your current hall and he is currently residing in the hall of your choice, then the process can be done easily. But, guess the probability of that happening. Or guess the probability of people wanting to move to Westwood. Haha…

2. Voluntary swap
One day you are walking down the street and bumped into some strangers. You helped him to regroup all his books and stationeries, while making some friendly conversations. After a few seconds, you both realised that you both dislike your own accommodation hall and think that your fate should have been the other way around i.e. you think you should live in his hall and he thinks he should live in your hall.

If this event somewhat happens to you, then a voluntary swap can be requested through the Warwick Accommodation. It may seem funny and unlikely, but it has happened! (but in a less dramatic situation, of course).

Else, if you think that this is just a fairytale, you can put some effort by hanging some posters or flyers around campus looking for anyone to swap his/her hall of residence with you. Be PROACTIVE!

That’s all for now. Please respond by writing in the comment box below.

Suggestions for any other types of articles are welcomed.

Regards, Akmal


2 thoughts on “[ACCOMMODATION] Don’t Want!

  1. Yes, Westwood is old and shaky.
    Yes, Westwood is cheap and cold.

    saya sangat tidak bersetuju dengan kenyataan di atas..yes, it is old,but it’s NOT shaky AT ALL… yes, Westwood is cheap and cold, BUT you can always buy a cheap portable heater which can last forever..and honestly, Westwood is not as bad as it looks like..just give it a try first..of course it wont be as great as the room that you’re currently living in, but it’s a lot better than randomly living off campus at a house which u’ve never viewed before, just like what akmal said:) nama pun perantau, belajar berlapang dada dengan apa yang ada dulu..mudah-mudahan ada hikmah di sebaliknya..mana tau lepas ni dapat tukar hall yang terbaik ke?;)

    bekas penghuni westwood emscote:)

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