I heard..
and I learnt about it a couple of hours ago.

Most of you did not get what you applied for.

Instead, they suggest that you take up Liberty Park.
92 pound per week?
Hey, you get an ensuite room at that rate! Cool eh…

I have been to Liberty Park, but never entered it. I believe, the interior is very cosy and luxurious, judging from the outside. Plus, usually stuff in the UK looks better from inside than outside. So, if the outside is already good-looking, never worry about the inside.

Then, there are only 6 persons per flat! Cool!
On campus, there are more than 10 persons per flat in Arthur Vick.
8 persons per flat in Claycroft.
14 persons per flat in Tocil.

Imagine sharing a kitchen with more than 8 persons… Nightmare!

Worried about money? Never.

I received GBP600 per month when I was in my first year. And I stayed in Claycroft at GBP96 per week. Did I live like ‘kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang?’


I even bought a DSLR (Nikon D40x) and went to London 8 times. And I went travelling around UK in winter. I even did skiing at Cairngorm Mountain, Scotland. And I also went to Mecca during Easter holiday. And most importantly, I went back to Malaysia during summer!

In short, I still live. Plus, my mom was shocked to find me chubbier than ever when I arrived at KLIA on 23rd of June 2008. I was not short of food.

The only bad news is you have to take a bus ride to go to your class. And the bus stop is not right in front of your hall; the walk will take 5 minutes (if you are a British) to 10 minutes (if you are a Malaysian).

And that might increase the probability of you not coming to class.


14 thoughts on “[ACCOMMODATION] Liberty Park

    • bas dari train station ke univ of warwick mengambil masa selamasa 22 minit (kalau ikut timetable. usually it shud be around that long)

      kalau jalan kaki, sy rasa sejam lebih kot. jarak die lebih kurang 6 miles from uni. cuba tgk google maps

      • Hi Akmal,

        Sorry, but can you please explain more on the 22 minutes’ ride? Once we’ve boarded onto the bus, how long does it take to uni of warwick from the bus stop nearest to LP?

        Thanks Akmal =)

    • oh yeah.. i just heard about it… a lump sum of £3,967.04? hohoho…

      and if u don’t want it, u have to find a UK resident to be the guarantor…

      on top of what your lecturer and Peter Brown are doing currently, I think you can make a suggestion to use your Financial Affidavit as the guaranteee that you will pay the rent according to terms more similar to what we have in Warwick University

  1. about the 22 minutes bus ride, theoretically, the bus will take 22 mins from the ‘Warwick Road, Rail Station’ bus stop to the ‘Univ of Warwick’ bus stop.

    click here:

    but there are cases where the bus might be A BIT late due to road congestion. but it is quite a rare event.

    Nb: the nearest bus stop to the LP is the Train Station bus stop.

  2. emm….
    about liberty park,they wont accept any other method of payment other than lump sum or 3 times installment with uk based guarantor.but u can still try if u want to use ur financial affidavit.i faced the same problem last year.but warwick had given me a temporary room in arden (one of warwick’s hotel,i guess) and a week after that i got a permanent room in tocil.i think u can contact warwick, telling them ur problem with liberty park and i’m sure they can help u.

    p.s warwick acco phone no. +442476523772

  3. wuhuuu!!!i’d be more than happy to get a place at liberty park!!taking a bus to uni everyday is probably a bit leceh, some may say..but you’ll get used to it in a few weeks time..so worry not! 96 pound is considered really cheap for an en-suite room, plus it’s really near to the train station, ikea, iceland, coventry market, u name it..and the bus pass is not that expensive too!this year it’s gonna be about 195quid for the whole academic year, so it’s really worth investing on that. as someone who took buses everyday last year to get to main campus, i’d say that it was quite nice an experience..dapat jumpa with all ur friends, mingle with them, tengok pemandangan and whatnot..and especially if you live in liberty park which is about 5mins away from the train station, i can ensure you that you’ll get to ride the bus at any point of time..unlike me who lived somewhere in earlsdon in which there were times when i wasnt able to ride it as it was really full, macam dalam tin sardin..

    my take on this would be dont be too sad if you dont get accommodation of your choice..i didnt get my choice of accomodation back in my 1st year too..i was put in westwood when i actually asked for lakeside and claycroft..but twas really good an experience..plus, juniors, korang kan ramai..so you wont really get to go through what i went through last time..your friends are around..so chillax..insya Allah there’s always a hikmah hidden behind it…tc and eid mubarak..

    sarah xx

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