Honestly, Cryfield is quite a walk away from central campus. So, lecture halls jauh sikit tapi tak seteruk Lakeside. Jangan tertipu if tengok uni website, it says that Cryfield is 5 minutes away from Student Union. It is true that all the accommodation distances are given in reference to Student Union, so it seems convenient. But really, it’s not all that rosy (more on that in Misc section). However, duduk Cryfield is convenient come exam time sebab all the exam halls are very near.


Cryfield rooms are the smallest among all rooms available to First Years. Rooms dia narrow sikit but can fit a bed, study table, wardrobe, sink, dresser and bedside table nonetheless. So, the good thing is senang nak maintain bilik and hopefully, becomes a motivation untuk tak beli barang banyak-banyak sebab bilik sempit. Cryfield doesn’t provide duvets, so sila beli satu. Linens, pillowcases are provided and ditukar setiap minggu tapi kena buat sendiri. The cleaning lady akan drop off new sheets kat depan pintu bilik and then kena tukar sendiri. Rooms are cleaned once a week. Single sex floors are also available upon request.

Katil, Sidetable dan Duvet

Katil, bedside table dan Duvet


The norm is kitchen kena kongsi 10-16 people. Memang merimaskan sebab the kitchen is cleaned only a few times a week. So, agak sepah selalunya. But the good thing is fridge and freezers memang banyak. Ada dining table in the kitchen but that depends whether you want to use it or not. Kalau malas nak bersocial dengan floormates, pergi makan dalam bilik.


Cryfield is not en suite, meaning takde toilet dalam bilik. Usually, it is 6 people to a toilet. Ada toilet, sink kat luar and a bath tub with shower. But worry not because orang sini malas mandi, so you’re likely to have the bathroom all to yourself. Sink ada dalam bilik, so if nak berwudhu’ sangat convenient. There is also a small mirror on the wall above the sink. Siapa yang vain, boleh beli full length mirror di Wilkinson.

Sinki di dalam bilik. Sangat mudah.

Sinki di dalam bilik. Sangat mudah.

Price & Value

Cryfield is the cheapest accommodation, so mungkin nak take that into account bila choose rooms. With the abolishment of 60-40, ramai students are forced to opt for cheaper rooms. If self-sponsored, Cryfield is value for money sebab dia paling murah. Then, baki allowance boleh buat tour Europe. 🙂 BUT, the major downside is that the let period is only for 30 weeks. So, winter break (4 weeks) and Easter break (5 weeks) kena keluar hall. Imagine kena pack and repack twice in a year and kena menumpang rumah orang. If ada relatives di UK, then it shouldn’t be a problem. Selalunya, kitorg tumpang rumah kawan time cuti.

Bilik murah. Macam ni je la...

Bilik murah. Macam ni je la...


Student Union is a place where students gather untuk lepak. It houses a couple of eateries, ATMs, hairdresser, pharmacy and Costcutters (ala-ala 7-Eleven). Tapi come night time, it will transform into a club for party goers. So, this is where it gets quite annoying. Given that Cryfield dekat dengan Union, malam-malam memang sangat bising and this goes on every single night except when exam time is near. Kalau suka bersosial, then Cryfield is really the place for you.

Ditulis oleh,

Norshida Razali

3rd Year



5 thoughts on “[ACCOMMODATION] Cryfield

  1. oh tidak…

    kalau tak silap, semua hall ada single sex area.. bezanya jumlah bilik yg covered by the area. contohnya, di Claycroft cuma ada 8 bilik single sex area i.e. 1 kitchen. di Westwood, ada satu floor yg single sex area i.e. 14 orang kalau tidak silap.

    tapi saya rasa, single sex area diwujudkan mengikut demand. kalau ramai mintak, maka banyak la bilik yg diberi. tapi tak semestinya minta single sex akan dapat single sex.

  2. Assalamualaikum,

    Just want to say congrats on such a good job in making this website a reality…. Really help full… Please add more articles on other places such as Heronbank, whitefield ,or claycroft… Thanks…

  3. comel la nosyi!!suke article pasal cryfield..and yes, most of the halls do have single sex areas..setakat yang ingat,-cryfield, claycroft, westwood, tocil ada single sex punye..as for arthur vick, lakeside and heronbank, since they are all en-suite accommodation, tak per je pon kalau bukan single sex..sbb u have the toilet attached in ur room, cuma share kitchen je:)

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