[CAMPUS LIFE!] Warwick Sports

Warwick University is a campus uni that provides good facilities in a very wide range of sports. Terdapat puluhan sukan yang ditawarkan. Facilities yang disediakan juga amat bagus dan agak memuaskan. Walau bagaimanapun, facilities yang disediakan mestilah dibayar mengikut system yang diaturkan.

The system is, throughout the academic year, one have to pay £32 for all the indoor facilities excluding gymnasium and weight room. This is indeed a very cheap price compared to all other universities and other private sport centre. To subscribe the gymnasium and weight room, another £50 is needed. Untuk sesiapa yang tidak mengamalkan sukan secara regular tidak perlulah membuat bayaran untuk setahun and instead, u can pay it per entry for only £1.75 and it is cumulated. Once u reach £32, you are automatically signed up as a member of the sport centre. Easy isn ‘it? That goes to the subscription of gym and weight room as well but its £2 per entry and once u reach £50 u’ll get the membership. Apparently, no payment required for outdoor facilities such as football pitch and tennis court but in order to book it, you have to be registered as member. Tak semestinya tak book takleh main, so pandai2 lah jaga diri.

“Football is my passion”. It’s quite easy to find a group of people to play with here. Terdapat 4 full football pitch disediakan. One artificial grass pitch (tarkett), one grass pitch, and two turfs pitch. Terdapat juga indoor football di dua tempat berasingan iaitu westwood sports hall and main hall (refer to map, I’m sure akmal kasi kan).

Astro PitchTarkett Pitch
Westwood Games Hall

Westwood Games Hall

Tapi indoor ni taklah sehebat futsal di Malaysia and in fact its pretty sucks to play indoor football here except the fact that during winter is so cold so no chance of playing outdoor so we have to play indoor footy.These pitches have to be booked. So kenalah ada at least seorang yang under the membership then book boleh main ramai. Meriah2. MSA normally will have at least one football session per week where the MSA sport officer(Mr 9) will book it and inform everybody. So no worries la. Moreover, for all the footballers, terdapat juga liga2 bolasepak yang  dianjurkan secara seasonal ataupon throughout the year. There are 11aside KPMG league, 5aside league and more. Bolasepak juga adalah sukan tumpuan di Warwick Malaysian Games yang biasanya dianjurkan pada spring term every year.

Warwick Malaysian Games
Tennis Centre

Indoor Tennis Centre

7 outdoor tennis courts disediakan. 3 adalah grass court and 4 lagi hard court. The hard courts are very nice but the grass one feels a bit weird. But maybe its well enough to get the feel of Wimbledon championship haha. These courts as I mentioned, are outdoors and its free of charge. There are also indoor tennis courts that been provided but that isn’t free. £4 per hour will be charged. But its kinda cool to play indoor especially during winter where ist freaking cold to play outside and the windy cloudy weather can ever side spin the tennis ball harder. So hard I tell u.

NetballOutdoor Tennis

Facilities untuk indoor sports pula adalah seprti berikut:

  1. 11 badminton courts (4 in main hall, 4 in desso hall, 3 in westwood sports hall)
  2. 6 squash courts (all in main hall)
  3. 3 basketball courts (one each hall)
  4. 2 volleyball courts ( main and desso hall)
  5. Swimming pool
  6. One activity room (for ping pong, and mostly martial arts practice sessions)
  7. Gymnasium
  8. Free weight room (only dumbbell provided)

All the courts mentioned above bukanlah berasingan. Ianya seperti MPH yang menyediakan banyak sport courts except for squash la. So there is time provided for each sports and tidaklah boleh kita sesuka hati membuat apa2 yang kita suka di court itu pada bukan masanya. Setiap sport ada kelabnya tersendiri seperti dan ini haruslah dibayar sebanyak £4 per club. Every club has its own session and sesiapa yang join club tu bolehla menggunakan session itu sebaik mungkin untuk mengasah lagi bakat yang telah sedia ada. Tapi sebenarnya tak payah bayar pon takpe kot. Pgi join je, pandai2la jaga diri.



Terdapat juga sukan2 lain yang disediakan seperti archery, bowling, rugby, cricket, athletics, and more. Tidak ketinggalan, martial juga agak aktif di sini. Jadi kepada sesiapa yang gila martial arts, no  matter what sort of martial art it is, jangan lepaskan peluang untuk join! However kena bayar la kalau nak join. Kalau nak free, practice sorang2 dalam bilik.





Running Track

Running Track


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