[MSA!] Malaysian Students Association

Orang Jawa turun ke dusun

Singgah sejenak di pinggir kota

Kami bawa sirih tersusun

Sudilah sepiak pembuka kata

Selamat Datang, Huang Ying and Namaste.

On behalf of the Warwick Malaysian Students Association (MSA), it is my great pleasure to bid all of you a very warm and pleasant welcome!

The University of Warwick’s Malaysian Students Association is one of the largest and most active cultural societies in the university. It is a place and avenue for our varied members to promote their traditional heritage and unique customs to both members and non-members. We also play a large role in representing Malaysian students in the University of Warwick and deal with matters that concern the members’ interests. We persistently continue to build a society that serves the needs of all of our members. Besides that, we actively promote the understanding and relationship between Malaysians and non Malaysian in our own university and through out the UK.

Every year, we organize a plethora of events, ranging from culinary festivals (okay, you can just call them ‘makan’ events instead) to social outings and even the occasional sports competition! Among the many other prominent events that we hold include the Soul Asia Food Festival, Charity Night, Warwick Malaysian Games as well as Warwick Malaysian Night. Furthermore, members of Warwick MSA also often creatively and largely participate in the UK’s largest student-run festival, One World Week.


Malaysian Night is regarded as the most spectacular event of all MSA events. For the uninitiated, almost every university in the UK that has a large composition of Malaysian students holds an annual Malaysia Night, an event that celebrates and promotes our diverse cultures in Malaysia. Traditionally, Warwick’s Malaysia Night is a one night event that incorporates a play, a blend of traditional and contemporary dances, musical performances, and of course, Warwick’s renowned Dikir Barat team. That’s right, we’re touted to have the best Dikir Barat in the UK!


We regard all of  the over 150 members of our society as a part of a one big family even though we are made up of diverse groups of people not only from Malaysia but from other countries such as Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Hong Kong and even England! At MSA, you not only get to learn about Malaysian culture, you get to meet new people and do social networking with non-Malaysians too!

So, what are you waiting for? Lets join us and be a part of our amazing family! See you in Warwick!

Muhammad Hazim Abdul Rahman

MSA President 09/10

1st Year BSc Economics


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