Arthur Vick

First of all, Arthur Vick has a very central position, as it is only 8 mins from campus and 3 mins from the Sports Centre. Basically, it is very easy to get to anywhere from Arthur Vick due to its strategic location, and you do not need a bike to get around. Besides it obviously being ensuite, AV also has a very big kitchen that is much much bigger than any other kitchen amongst all the accommodation places in Warwick. This makes cooking very easy due to the wide space and usually not everyone cooks at the same time.

Furthermore, AV is generally a very quiet area, very suitable for people who like to go on with their lives undisturbed by others.(although this depends on luck as some areas in AV may still be noisy). Rooms and toilets are cleaned every weekday by the cleaners. Overall, AV is relatively luxurious compared to most accoms except maybe Lakeside.

The only problem with AV is that it is a 30 week let. This means every holiday e.g. winter, easter, summer; you will have to move out of the place. This requires a lot of packing every 3 months. However, you can store the stuff in the AV store room so if you have the patience to pack, then this is not much of a problem.

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