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University of Warwick – taken from the Muscom blog

It has been nearly a year. Warwick University – I could call this place home. So what have i to brag about this university? Let me tell how life goes on here.

Wake up in the morn. Have my breakfast. And walk to the main campus. I would at first stop near the lake, watch the ducks, and swans. You should enjoy nature while it lasts, yea? I won’t be seeing sights like these back in Malaysia.

The campus i believe is divided into two: the main campus and Gibbet Hill. Only those courses related to biology will have their days spent at Gibbet Hill. The others will have their lectures, tutorials, stuff, scattered at the main campus.

The Prayer Hall deserves a-telling. Alhamdulillah, the one here is complete with facilities. In it, we have a kitchen, and even a library filled with Islamic books. Cool. On Wednesdays, i would meet up with fellow brothers in a circle for studying Tajwid and Sirah. The weekly circles are very interesting, i should say. Palestinians, British, Bruneians, Malaysians attends. This is what i call integration.

So in the afternoons, or days free, i would go to Coventry, the city. Yep, don’t be fooled by the name of the university. Many of us here have never even reached the town of Warwick. Coventry holds the legend of a naked lady. Lady Godiva. Interesting, huh? I myself prefer going to the spa town, Leam. I was told the water there has healing properties. Never tried it myself though. The thing about Leam is that I just feel at peace when having visits to the Jephson Gardens in the town.

Should halal products be worrying you here? Well, not really, if you’re not comparing it to those places like Manchester. A place called Foleshill is near Coventry, and there, Muslims rule. Honestly, i don’t really go there. It’s quite dodgy a place for me. I’d go to Tesco, which is within walking distance from the university. Halal products are sold. I’m happy with it.

I know. I know. What must be running through your minds is how the community is like over here. The usual consideration: i don’t wanna linger around too much Malaysians. So i’m telling you now, currently we have a decent number of Malaysians here. Not as big as those in Nottingham, but not as small as those in Durham. BUT. But they will come next autumn. A group of over 40 Malaysians will come to be part of us. Now, think again(!).

In the end, when you’re messed up with your studying, have a cup of tea, a picnic with friends to ease the mind. Looking at the beautiful landscape, performing prayers outside, at one with nature, have that peace. We are human after all.

For further Qs:

Khairul Anwar Mohd Khairi

useful links:

warwick uni – http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/

warwick isoc – http://www.warwickisoc.co.uk/home/index.php


5 thoughts on “[Posto!] Senior

  1. salam..

    ni baru baca artikel.. belum pergi lagi…

    dah sampai, konfirm xnak balik malaysia.. hehe..

    xdela, main2 je.

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