[CAMPUS LIFE!] Warwick In 5 Minutes

1. On the Surface

Univ of Warwick is regularly in the top 6 Times Good Universities list (hence making sponsors like PNB yg obses dgn ranking ni as one of its options). Located in West Midlands, it is famous for its WBS -Warwick Business School-, yg according to some, lagi macho dari LSE, it’s Maths institute -juga constantly in top 5 maths rank-, and Engineering department, menjadikan Warwick ni agak ramai la jugak Malaysians dia.

tibe2, panjang plak on the surface dia, ek?

1. Mana Warwick?

West Midlands, memang literal jugak la. Betul2 dkat tengah2 UK nih, Warwick dalam area Midlands, sekali dgn Birmingham (2nd biggest town in the UK after London), Leicester dan Nottingham. Midlands jugak bermaksud Central (middle, center, english tak paham2 lagi ke?), membuatkan sangat mudah utk berjalan2 ke mana2 parts in the UK. London is just 2 1/2 hours by bus, and 1 hour by train. Birmingham is just 20 mins by train, Manchester 2 jam. And we also have our own International Airports, operated by FlyThomson, very convenient for those who like to travel, and on a strict budget. To sum everything up, transportation is not a problem

2. Who’s in Warwick

as mentioned earlier, we’re proud of our WBS and our Maths department, which boast the majority of Malaysians in Warwick. Tapi selain mathematicians and business students (that include Actuary students doing MORSE, accountants, economists), ade jugak seberapa bilangan pelajar Malaysia yg buat Engineering, Law (ramai nih) dan Biotech. Ranking Warwick yg slalu top 6 membuatkan ia salah satu destinasi pilihan sponsors, dan sape2 yg self-sponsored (sebab nanti bila dah grad, warwick grads sangat dicari2, camtu la lebih kurang). Pendek kata, community warwick terdiri dikalangan academicians (bdk2 maths, physics, bio under KPM), business students, engineers, lawyers, and even sociologist!

3. International community

Warwick memang slalu bragging about their international community, but it’s true. As always the case with top 6 unis, diorang banyak recruit international students (sebab local students bayar yuran murah. eh, korang kisah ape psl benda nih), hence making warwick sangat diverse ahli2nye. Tapi, kadang2 terasa yg macam dkat Shanghai, sebab personally i think there’s too many Chinese here, without me being racist. But the international scene memang agak bagus. Make full use of it.

4. Malaysian Community

we have just the right numbers of Malaysians here, the perfect balance, not too many macam Notts (no offense), or too few macam… Oxford? heh. Believe me, takyah la kerek kata takmo join malaysians, “pegi jauh2, ape nak jumpa malaysians lagi?”. it’s all about finding the perfect balance of mingling around between people of all nationalities. our Malaysian Students Association has around 200 members, from countries like Malaysia (duhh), Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Japan, UK, and even Mauritius! It’s a good platform to not only bercakap melayu (after days of speaking. gimme a break, ok), but also to make yourself busy. kitorang tiap2 tahun brag about our M-Nite, and it’s actually a good place to membusykan diri, and mengenal kawan2. Apart from one post-grad family, it’s kinda sad to say that we here don’t have so many post-grads yg rapat dgn undergrads macam dkat Notts. But masa raya haritu ade la jugak jumpa beberapa orang dkat open houses. There are many actually, cuma diorang pun busy dgn hal masing2. (eleh, kadang2 kita pun busy mengalahkan diorang).

5. Islamic community

ISOC kitorang bleh dikatakan sangat aktif, and we Malaysians are also actively involved in it. Sampai pernah dikatakan oleh diorang “malaysian sisters are very good!”, referring to our Sisters yg boleh kata agak mendominasi ISoc Warwick (hoi lelaki, di mana kamu??). And, kitorang juga berbangga dgn Prayer Hall kitorang yg, tak sebesar Notts, tapi ade hall nak semayang yg permanent. Ramadhan ade Iftar free (tapi lpas tu ade donations. donate la seberapa yg mampu, korang jugak yg nak makan), and dah namanye surau, ade la solat jemaah. Pendek kata, syiar Islam tak malap la dkat Warwick nih. tinggal nak taknak je.

6. Coventry

Ini la town terdekat kitorang yg paling femes. macam2 ade dkat sini: shopping malls, Primark, stesen bas dan train, etc. It’s just 20 mins away by no12 bus from University of Warwick. it’s the nearest central city dengan warwick, kira kalau nak ke warwick naik train or bus, kene turun coventry dulu la. Daging halal jugak cari dkat sini, Stoney Stanton road is just 10 mins walk from City Centre, and Foleshill kjap je by bus. jugak ade banyak Halal takeaways. makan is not an issue here… Kalau dah muak dgn coventry, we also have Leamington Spa, another small town yg lagi lawa dari coventry, and bleh kata shopping heaven jugak la (for those yg rasa birmingham tu jauh sangat). shopping malls, famous retail outlets, sume ade dkat sini.

7. Rumah

Most first year students (in fact, all kot) tinggal dkat Residential Halls. the most famous among sponsored, malaysians are these 3 halls: claycroft, Lakeside, Whitefields. meh nak cite sket psl diorang nih.

Claycroft just 8 mins away from Students Union (the Union kira centre of our campus la), and a stone-throw away from Maths department. nearest to Tesco (hypermarket utama pelajar warwick), 5 mins je kot jauhnye. pilihan ramai sebab 2 factors tu la, Tesco and agak central. Biliknye tak la besar, tapi cukop la nak hidup seadanya. bukan en-suite, tapi bilik air shared with only 2 ppl. dapur share.. 6 ke 8 orang tah. so, not bad la!

Lakeside boleh kata agak posh la. it’s literally by lakeside, memang kitorang ade Tasik, siap itik2 angsa2 ape bagai, suitable for those yg rasa beautiful landscape and serene surrounding can give peace. En-suite, and bilik agak besar (kalau ade orang crush, bleh tido up-to-5 orang dkat lantai). dapur share 8 orang. the only down side about Lakeside is dia agak jauh, 15 mins to central campus, and sangat jauh to tesco (for those yg suka buat groceries shopping) once u’ve settled in, you’ll find out that there’s a 801 bus that brings you to ASDA, which is only 20 mins by bus (sama masa kalau jalan kaki from lakeside to tesco). so, kadang2 budak2 lakeside tak ke tesco, tapi ke ASDA naik bus. kene bayar tambang la tapi. oh, the ASDA also sells halal meat. so, worth a mention la.

Whitefields tak banyak yg bleh dikomen. dah ade 2 best options tadi, why bother with others? haha… (basically i just know nobody from whitefields, hence takleh nak comment)

8. Study

it’s funny how i put other things first, and academics hujung2 at no 8. everything depends a lot on departments, all vary according to faculties. most (but NOT all) 1st year results don’t count into our degree, so macam lepak2. as for timetable, juga varies. kadang2 class starts as early as 9am, and kadang2 habis as late as 7pm. tapi kadang2 free sangat plak (by 12 dah habis kelas. kadang2 mati kutu gak). so, self-organisation is very important, so that u can fully utilise ur time here.

This article was written about 2 years ago, hence there might be some change of facts. Editor and webmaster will not be responsible for any loss associated with the information disseminated from this article.


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